Nurse Call Systems                                                                       

Alarmtec Systems has teamed with Jeron Electronic Systems to provide innovative nurse call and interdepartmental communications for Acute Care, Skilled Care, and Clinic environments. 


Provider 680 is the complete and easy-to-use touch screen operated nurse call system that meets the patient and staff communication needs of the acute care hospital environment. Multiple Provider 680 systems can network together for a facility-wide solution integrated with wireless phones and pagers, real-time locating systems, Centralized code blue notification, and enterprise-wide activity reporting.



Alarmtec Systems offers multiple intercom product lines to meet the diverse needs of our customers.  Product from Dukane, UTC and Jeron are all a part of our solution set.

The Jeron poduct line is designed to streamline communication within K-12 schools, Spectrum 520 and 520-IP provide instant, clear communication and feature dynamic options such as scheduling tones and group or all-call for mass notification in emergency situations.

For an assessment of your nurse call or intercom needs,  contact Alarmtec Systems today for complete analysis, design, installation and integration of your new system.