Access Control

Alarmtec Systems is the exclusive dealer and integrator for Open Options Access TechnologyAs a dealer for Open Options, Alarmtec Systems has the product depth to offer any type of system from a one-door stand-alone system to literally thousands of doors controlled via computer over LANs or WANs, and every step in between.

Alarmtec Systems can design high security applications that use any type of badge credential: bar code, magnetic stripe, pin, or proximity in any combination. The choice of badge type can be coordinated with other systems to a "one badge" fits all application.

Access control is far more than presenting a badge and gaining access. System integration can tie together CCTV, security alarms, fire alarms, building management systems and any other set of monitored contacts with a powerful graphic user interface to ensure fast response to any emergency and total database retrieval of ALL transactions with customized reporting.

For an assessment of your access control needs, contact Alarmtec Systems today for a complete analysis, design, installation and integration of your new system.